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People come along and I’m telling ya, you know when you are supposed to be friends. Some connections are simply meant to be.

I met Michael simply by seeing him in the elevator when we lived in the same building. We were a floor apart in a high rise, Art Deco building in Koreatown, Los Angeles. Definitely my favorite apartment to this day, I miss it! Michael was immediately kind, approachable and easy to talk to. We started explaining what we did for work, etc which brought him to mention that he had recently proposed. Of course, my eyes light up. Finally, we arrange a little coffee meeting with his fiancé, Eboni. We come to find out at our meeting that we BOTH HAVE FAMILY IN THE SAME TOWN OF SOMERSET, NJ. I mean, cmon guys seriously? That’s the universe at work. From there, well, you do the math. We took the next steps and planned to work together 🙂

Eboni and Michael met when they were 14 years old in middle school. They fell in young love and became high school sweethearts.

Eboni and Michael rekindled their relationship years later. They knew they wanted to go through the rest of life together and decided to turn their relationship into a marriage.

Michael proposed to Eboni on Christmas Day in 2018 with family. Now, in 2021, they will be jumping the broom into their future.

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