Capturing a Sense of Place

Some of my favorite images are the ones that offer a sense of place. The gorgeous wooden doors of the church you grew up in, the unique skyline of your favorite city, or simply crossing a familiar street. My clients and I always make a list of those meaningful places and images that we want to capture. From there, we schedule the day so that we can hit all those special spots without feeling rushed. You can’t beat the feeling of being at your favorite places in your wedding dress!

When wedding or engagement session planning, I definitely recommend thinking about photo spots outside of your venue. It could be your favorite park, street corner, coffee shop, or parents’ backyard. I’m always full of ideas, so I’m happy to brainstorm with my clients!

For Lauren and Ted’s wedding, we had so much fun driving around New York City in a limo and getting some timeless shots. The city offers endless skyline views and stunning architecture that provided killer backdrops. Their wedding was at the gorgeous Bowery Hotel, which also provided lots of gorgeous spaces for photos.

Storytelling through Photography

In all of my photography, it’s my goal to take images that tell your story. Finding unique spots for photos is part of that story, in addition to getting lots of candid photos of you and your loved ones laughing, dancing, and celebrating. I’m always looking for the genuine moments that show the real you! I dream of my clients looking at their wedding photos year after year, reliving their stories, and returning to the magic of that day.

I’ve known Ted since I was in high school, so it was extra special to capture meaningful moments with him, his beautiful bride, and his loved ones! I’m so thankful to Ted and Lauren for inviting me to be a part of their day and hope to work with them again in the future!





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