Frequently Asked Questions

• Are there any payment plans available?

Yes~ all packages are customized to each client once we have an in depth convo. You can split payment up to four parts.

• What is the "bad weather assurance"?

We always discuss a rain plan with the venue! We will discuss spots indoor to use should anything change. Should weather prevent someone from arriving to shoot, we dive into local second shooters and will always find a solution.

• What is your cancellation policy/fee?

Cancellation is feasible up until 3 months out. Deposit is never refundable. IF cancelled 3 months out, you are not responsible for any payment aside from deposit that held your date.

• Do you retouch the photographs?

Yes! I take my toning very seriously. I keep everything as natural as possible and shoot as much with natural light as I can. I will tone the colors, skin tones and sometimes smooth things out. I do not do heavy photoshop by any means, as I feel it takes from the authenticity of the moment.

• How many photographs will I receive, and how long is the wait?

It ranges between 600 and 1000 images. We shoot up to 6 thousand images and narrow it down.

• In what form will I receive the photos?

Digital gallery for download unless a USB delivery is purchased. All info is in your contract.

• How far are you willing to travel?

I will go ANYWHERE! Recent further trips have been Mexico, Norway and Los Angeles. I'm based in MD and shoot most often in PA, MD, Memphis and the New England area.

• Can I upgrade or downgrade my package after booking?

Yes, as long as it is changed sooner than 3 months out. Again deposit is not refundable as that is what prevents me from booking anyone else on your date.

• Can you stay longer after the reception?

Yes. Hours can be purchased for $150/per.