Annapolis Wedding Photographer

If you haven't laughed today, then what are you doing?!

"Photography is simply an insight into the human experience. I believe that movement and laughter create the drama that makes moments real. Our experiences are the reason for the stories that build us. Documenting your wedding is about much more than imagery; it is sharing that experience with you, your family, and your friends. I see every wedding as an opportunity for a new experience that will in turn build me as well." ~Alli

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Annapolis Wedding Photographer

Who am I?

Born and raised in Philadelphia by an Irish-Italian family, growing up was always about being present with the people you love and putting them first. Mom hosted all the family events and I'd always love to take a minute, watch, and snap some photos.  Gradually my visual, story mind moved into theatre and I made that the biggest part of my life. I directed, performed, all of it.  It was intriguing to see how many ways a story can be interpreted and re-told. Towards the end of high school, my parents gave me a Pentax 35mm camera. I started taking "real" pictures so to speak and just kept the skill in my back pocket. Rest is history. Who knew it would be such an integral piece to the puzzle of my future.

Meanwhile---- I remain distracted by the shiny things and may play Johnnyswim & Jason Isbell on repeat because well, I'm Alli.


Why do I do this?

Everyone has a "why". Without incentive, we wouldn't get so much done in a day, nor would we have stories to tell. Stories build who we are. I jumped into this because it scared me and even just a fraction of fear will keep ya going. So, if it scares you to get your photo taken, why not try it?

I've chosen to be a photographer primarily because I firmly believe we are all meant to pursue what makes us happy. What makes us glow as human beings. It may be something that scares you. It may be a risk. Great-- that's what keeps us alive! My beginnings in theatre helped me to understand the importance of not simply being human but accepting being human. People and their stories never get old. Photography gives me the chance to not only show how I see and feel those stories, but to collaborate with other photographers who may see and feel entirely differently. I will never get bored!