About Alli

Annapolis Wedding Photographer


My dad's oldest sister never once missed a niece or nephew's birthday. We always got a call from Aunt Pay and Uncle Bob. The first time I got a text instead of a call I thought the world was ending! Birthday calls are only a bite of the family cake I was born into.

"Photography is simply an insight into the human experience. I believe that movement and laughter create the drama that makes moments real. Our experiences are the reason for the stories that build us. Documenting your wedding is about much more than imagery; it is sharing that experience with your people. I see every wedding as an opportunity for a new experience that will in turn build me as well."

Family is what brought me to this job. I come from a long line of Irish and Italian storytellers--- you know, the ones that don't let you off the phone? My favorite memories are sitting in my aunt's living room listening to her reminisce about growing up. Laughing until we cried. Or better yet-- playing some random word game that somehow turns into straight, brilliant comedy. The right people give no reason to leave a room. Where else are all the people you love in one room? Your wedding.

Photography is not a transaction for me, it is a privilege. I'm not here for magazine covers or big press; I am here to document the values with no expiration date. I want to see your parents' faces once your dress is on, your niece needing to be carried down the aisle as the flower girl, your uncle getting the last dance with Grandma.

I worked in Television in Los Angeles for the first ten years of my career. In those ten years I photographed weddings and families as a hobby to escape from what was a very stressful environment. It was a chance for the family and storytelling element to fill my cup while away from home. The laughter, movement, and overwhelming emotion that came with that hobby morphed into what is now the most meaningful career decision I could have made.

Cheers to meeting your family soon!

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